The Hydra Cup is a team event spanning all three of the RhyDin dueling sports in which teams of 5 compete for points. Matches may only be completed during regular Rings of Honor operating hours. Please keep in mind that matches fought for this tournament will also be counted in a character's regular record because they take place in regular matches, during regular operating hours. The team with the most points at the end of the Season will be declared Hydra Cup Champions.

Team Makeup

Each team shall consist of 5 duelists and no duelist may be on the roster of more than a single team. Teams must officially register with the Hydra Corporation at the main office.

Please take OOC note that no player may have more than 2 characters in the competition

TItle Card System

Title Cards are matches a team has to win by accumulating the most points. In the event of a complete tie, Duels Won will be used to determine tiebreaker.

Each week, team captains will submit a line-up of 3 fighters to go head to head with 3 fighters from another team, with the 4th and 5th members acting as team Substitutes. Each fighter will represent one of the 3 venue sports, 1 fighter to compete in Swords, Fists, and Magic. Line-ups are to be submitted by Sunday night at Midnight (EST).

Everyone will compete at their rank in the assigned sport as seen on the official standings for Duel of Swords, Magic, or Fists. Any sport specific restrictions still apply

The Wildcard

When submitting matchups captains shall also have the opportunity to assign up to six wilcard points. These may be split across all 3 duels at any value desired as long as they do not exceed a combined value of six points. These are points that, should the duelist assigned to that sport win, will be added to the teams score. A team will only earn those wildcard points they assign (and only on duels they win) and will have no stake in points assigned by the opposition. (eg: assign 3,2 and 1 points respectively to the DoF,DoM and DoS duels and then win the DoF and DoM duels; your team would earn a wildcard bonus of 5.)

Match Scoring

  • Duel Win: 5 points + Wild Card Bonus (when applicable)
  • Duel Loss: Total number of points scored in the duel, to a maximum of 4
  • Duel Tie: 4pts to both.
  • Shutout Bonus: +1pts available for a Shutout, with +2 for Shut-out in 5 rounds.


Each fighting week will span ten days beginning on Monday and ends on the Wednesday of the following week. Any matches not concluded by the Wednesday of the following week will be forfeit.

Failure to submit a lineup on time will result in the random assigning of fighters for you without a Wildcard being designated.

Contact between the two duelers must be made by the first Wednesday of the dueling week.

Paired fighters are encouraged to notify the Caller on duty their match is for Hydra and request a notation in their shift report. In the past, Callers have generally not held an issue with doing so.

Problems with scheduling must be brought to the attention of the the team Captains with correspondence forwarded to Hydra administration.

Neither team will know which fighters the other team is using until both line-ups are submitted and locked in, at which point match-ups are set automatically.

Weekly Scoring Example

Candy Jake Xanth Maria Anubis
ResultValue ResultValue ResultValue ResultValue ResultValue
5 - 0 Win10 5 - 1 Win9 5 - 2 Win8 5 - 3 Win7 5 - 4 Win6
5 - 1 Win9 5 - 2 Win8 5 - 3 Win7 5 - 4 Win6 3 - 5 Loss3
5 - 2 Win8 5 - 4 Win6 5 - 5 Tie5 4 - 5 Loss4
5 - 3 Win7 4 - 5 Loss4 4 - 5 Loss4 2 - 5 Loss2
5 - 4 Win6 2 - 5 Loss2 6 - 7 Loss4
5 - 4 Win6
Used for team and individual score Used for team score
* Candy's best 4 duels total 34, so she and her team get 34 points.
* Jake's best 4 duels total 27, so he scores 27 and brings the team up to 61
* Xanth's best 4 duels total 24, so he scores 24 and brings the team up to 85
* Maria's best (and only) 4 duels total 19, so she scores 19 and brings the team up to 104
* Anubis adds 9 points to his personal score and the team total with his 2 duels. 113 for the team
* Since Anubis only had 2 duels, we can add 2 more duels to the team total from the other members of the team, but only 1 duel from any player. The best 2, 1 from Candy and 1 from Xanth, are worth an aditional 10 points. This brings the team total for the week up to 123. Their individual scores, however, remain at 34 and 24 respectively.