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2018 Final Payouts!
by: Jerry Picasso - April 24th, 2018 - 10:47am

Congrats to E for taking top honors in this year’s Madness Tournament! As well to Claire for picking him to win it all and pulling in a cool 6,000 silver from the bracket pool.

Here’s are this years winners!

1,000 silver pool

  1. Claire Farron – 6,000 silver
  2. Anubis Karos – 4,000 silver
  3. Sapphire Ravenlock – 2,000 silver

100 silver pool

  1. Anubis Karos – 600 silver
  2. Jak of Swords – 400 silver
  3. Kalamere Ar’Din – 200 silver

See you all next year, or whatever bet worthy event comes up between now and then!

Wynn Predicts The Things (Week Two)
by: Wynn Wittaker - April 3rd, 2018 - 03:37pm

As promised in my Week One Wrap, here are our much anticipated PREDICTIONS for Week Two of Madness 2018.

Hayashibara Division:

[1] Jewell Ravenlock -vs- [9] Romeo MacKenzie

Romeo had some pretty solid luck in Week One against Jewell’s former Royal teammate Luna, but I think this may be where it runs out. Now granted, it’s been awhile since we saw much in the way of action from the Empress and when we have, it’s been a lot of yada yada Kalamere drama and oh my heart. Don’t worry, Jewell, you give us heart palpitations when we see you too. I think she’ll send all of our hearts a-fluttering when she lays the smackdown on Ro.

Prediction: Jewell wins, 5-3 in 10.

[5] Baphelocutis -vs- [13] Strawberry

In Round One, Strawberry put down a rather infamous slaver while Baph put down a five year old boy. You’d think that maybe based on that, the lady would have it in the bag. Don’t get me wrong, the Beginner’s Luck phenomenon is real, but it’s hard to believe it will hold up against tried and true experience, the likes of which Baphelocutis has plenty. I think the Wardrac takes it, but it’ll be a narrow victory.

Prediction: Baph wins, 5-4 in 14.

[6] Xanth van Bokkelen -vs- [3] Matt Simon

Xanth had a hell of an opener against Leena Vincent in Round One and in Round Two, he’s lucky enough to go up again my favorite Team Fist Colonel, Matt Simon. Xanth is a badass and all of that but I’m contractually obligated to always pick Matt Simon. I think Xanth will put up a good fight but yes, Matt takes it in the end.

Prediction: Matt wins, 5-3.5 in 11.

[7] Ebon Ilnaren -vs- [2] Ekthbjlgke Smith

E Smith has had quite the year when it comes to dueling in general. He is the latest Overlord and even got himself an Opal over in the Outback. The former Governor is a nice guy? Yeah, we’ll go with that. That said, I think he’s a nice guy that is going to get absolutely steamrolled by E. Sorry, Ebon.

Prediction: Ekthbjlgke wins, 5-2 in 6.

  . . .
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Most Recent Mad Action
Ekthbjlgke Smith Wins the Western Confernce and advances to the Final!
Myria Graziano Wins the Dragoon-Talanador Division! Advances to the Final Four.
Ekthbjlgke Smith Wins the Hayashibara Division! Advances to the Final Four.
Jewell Ravenlock Advances to the 4th Round in the Hayashibara Division.
Myria Graziano Advances to the 4th Round in the Dragoon-Talanador Division.

Wynn’s Weekly Wrap
by: Wynn Wittaker - April 3rd, 2018 - 03:28pm

Week 1 Madness Wrap Up & Week 2 Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here were are again for another year of DoS Madness! After a brief sabbatical during which I got married (Avery is Best Girl!), I am back and here to report all of your Madness Sports News. I got back a little too late to write up some pre-Madness predictions, but let’s do a wrap up of Week One and see how Week Two might play out. Without further ado

Week One Wrap

Week One saw ten bouts of action and six total byes. While many matches went the way most expected, there were a couple surprises. Will we see more of that as our top seeds work into the fray? I suppose we’ll find out soon! Let’s break it down.

Hayashibara Division:

[8] Eva Luna -vs- [9] Romeo MacKenzie

Despite their relatively close seeding, most expected Rhydin’s favorite babealicious doc to handle Dirty’s rookie brawler fairly handily. Ro has relatively little experience in the rings though he was recently named the Squire of Dockside by current baroness and Dirty veteran, Terry King. Though I would have hedged my bets with Eva as so many did in their brackets, Romeo swept the good Doc right off her feet and walked away with a solid 5-1.5 in 11 round win.

[5] Baphelocutis est Lathadoscia -vs- [12] Nikolai Allen

What in the nine hells were they thinking with this pairing? A decorated warlord dragon something or other, known for his brutal in ring tactics, versus what had to either be a midget or more likely, a five year old. A five year old? Yes. In Madness. Well. Alright then. Though Nikolai got plenty of points for being absolutely adorable, Baph made quick work of the little boy with a score of 5-2.5 in 11. I’m sure he’s proud of himself. Way to go Baph, you probably made a little kid cry.

[4] Anubis Karos -vs- [13] Strawberry

In a match that most likely expected would end in a collaring, it seemed like it would be a quick match for everyone’s not so favorite slaver. The pair met surprisingly on time wit   . . .

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Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Claire Farron 37 43
Sapphire Ravenlock 29 29
Anubis Karos 29 29
JewellRavenlock 26 26
Kruger 25 25

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Anubis Karos 29 29
Jak of Swords 28 28
Kalamere 25 25
Valentina Eglantine 24 24
Gren Blockman 24 24

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