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Pts = Current Point Total
Pos = Total Possible Points Remaining
Purple Names can no longer earn 1st place
Purple Italic Names can no longer earn 1st or 2nd place
Names struck through have been eliminated
Winners Picks struck through have been eliminated

Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Claire Farron 37 43
Sapphire Ravenlock 29 29
Anubis Karos 29 29
JewellRavenlock 26 26
Kruger 25 25

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Anubis Karos 29 29
Jak of Swords 28 28
Kalamere 25 25
Valentina Eglantine 24 24
Gren Blockman 24 24

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