Morning Run...

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Morning Run...

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From: (Kaja Adair)
Date: 24 Dec 2003 11:07:22 EST

The branches came at her quickly and mercilessly as she sprinted through the woods. Her workout pants billowed about her toned legs as the sneakers pounded the forest floor over and over again. She'd only gone one mile--two was her best at a flat out sprint. She used the time to think about things as much as she could before the point where her heartbeat would be all she could concentrate on... that would be at mile three.

Her mind drifted always... from Tical to the Crew, to Bella's, to New Orleans at sunset. A part of her died everytime she thought she would never see the bayou, Bourbon Street, or Mardi Gras again. She missed her twin sister Rez so much at times that she thought she would kill herself. However, she would always drift back to Ticallion, the love of her life, and at this point, the pain in her soul.

They'd been engaged almost a year. She didn't even have a real ring, having wrapped yarn around his 3rd Baronial ring so it would fit her left ring finger. She never saw the use of badgering him for a diamond, since he wasn't ready to get married anyway. It bothered her intensely at first, but as time went on, it didn't grate on her as much, and with his long absences, she began to wonder if she even wanted to be married herself…if she still wanted to be with him.

As she approached Pier 24, Kaja smiled to herself, seeing that the parking space normally reserved for her candy apple red Pslyder-bike was empty, which had been the case lately. Bella's was booming-- she had all the work she could handle, and eventually would have to start hiring and training new employees. She thought of G'nort Dragoon-Talanador and the way he ran HDT Enterprises, particularly the Golden Ivy Tavern. She patterned Bella's and Pier 24 after it, as quiet as it was kept. She admired the man more than she could ever admit, and thought, not for the first time, that if she and Tical didn't work out, she would definitely pursue the redhead.

As enticing a proposition as it was, she couldn't imagine life without Tical, and she wasn't sure enough about G's intentions to take the chance. She missed Rez intensely… clear-headed, razor-sharp Rezzie would know what to do. She wouldn't be clouded with all this sentimentality. Kaja chuckled. If placed in the same situation, Rezzie would screw G on the low, and no one would ever know about it. Kaja couldn't do it, though. It would show on her face, and she would be eaten up with guilt for betraying the man she considered to be her soulmate.

She opened the door to Bella's and walked in.