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A Touch Of Class

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From: ticallioncarter@aol.com (Ticallion Carter)
Date: 06 Jan 2004 20:35:03 EST

A fresh white overlay of snow covered the sidewalks of Rhydin. Winter was still making it's defiant stand even in the face of the weak rays of the sun on the early January afternoon. Two pairs of feet pounded steadily over the sidewalk pavement. One was a pair of unlaced thick boots and the other was a pair of very expensive looking black leather dress shoes.

"Okay. Explain to me why we're walkin' again?" Ticallion Carter stamped his unlaced boots against the pavement and stopped in the middle of one of his strides. His breath came out in a steady flow of steam from under the hood of his black, fur-laced parka.

The pair of black dress shoes stopped and turned so that they were now facing Tical. Henry William Warrensworth, IV threw up his black leather gloved hands in exasperation before he slid them back into the pockets of his long beige coat. "For the third time today, my wife took the car. And I don't think she has any inclination of returning it in the near future. Can we continue now?" Warrensworth gestured down the sidewalk with his right hand and peered coolly into the face of his client with his blue eyes.

"Ha. Well maybe if yo--" Tical started a statement but was immediately cut off by Warrensworth's clipped tone of speech. "I don't need a lecture, Ticallion. Not now. And as a matter of fact, why must I accompany you on this escapade? And how much further down this block is this establishment?"

Tical pulled the card Koy had supplied him with the previous night from his parka and read over the directions. "It says it should be just up ahead. Gerald's." It was his turn to continue walking as Warrensworth stood behind. "And..I need your professional opinion."  He continued talking as well.

"Wonderful. My opinion is not to get married, ever. It only begets more trouble than it's worth." Warrensworth grumbled as he managed to catch back up with Tical. He became immediately interested in the pavement below them and issued a few more incoherent grumbles as they walked.

"Maybe if you could keep your attention in the books and papers instead of in your secretary or the --" Tical was cut off again by Warrensworth, this time via the agent clearing his throat loudly a few times and finally interjecting a little too loudly, "There it is!" Warrensworth pointed across the street at the shop and the two made their way quickly through the busy Rhydin intersection. Once they reached  the storefront, Tical pulled on the handle of the glass front door and followed Warrensworth in. He only managed to make it a few steps past the door frame before he ran into the back of his stationary agent. Apparently,  H.W.'s interest had been captivated by something else now, above the ground.

"Yeah, great. Just stop in the middle of where I have to walk. That's a great idea, H.W." Tical gave a hard shove to the back of his agent to punctuate his sentence as it became apparent he was not listening, at all. Warrensworth's blue eyes gazed straight in front of him, and within a few seconds, Tical's gaze followed. At that point they both fell silent.

A young, very shapely brunette shop girl was standing on her tiptoes a couple of feet in front of them. The finer points about her body were accented by the fact she was stretching one of her hands high above her head and blindly searching a shelf. She took no notice of the two men standing behind her, but that was fine with them as they continued to stare. Finally, she gave up on her search and brought her hand down, a pout showing up on her full lips. She turned and finally took notice of H.W. and Tical, that pout transforming to a look of surprise.

"Oh, sorry gentlemen. I didn't see you come in. Can I help you with something?" She flashed them both a smile that would put an actress to shame. H.W. just stood mesmerized and after a few seconds, Tical finally found his voice. "Uhh, yeah. I'm need to talk with Gerald about a wedding tuxedo."

The shop girl thoughtfully turned her head to the side, then she leaned forward over the counter with her arms folded. A strand of her light brown hair fell in front of her sparkling green eyes in the process. "Say, aren't you Ticallion Carter from the Wrecking Crew?"

"Yeah." Tical nodded and did his best not to look directly into her face. He circumnavigated that by a quick sweeping glance at all of the tuxedos that were on display. "Wow!" the girl gushed at the discovery, which would have done wonders for her if anyone was looking. Fortunately, nothing was lost under the appraisal gawk of H.W. "You're my favorite. I love watching all the Crew's matches, you guys rock. You think I can get an autograph later maybe?"

"Yeah..sure." Tical now busied himself by a random glance out of the glass door into the street as the girl turned to disappear into a back room. It wasn't until she completely disappeared that H.W. regained his composure.

"See, Ticallion? Without marriage, as I was saying, things would be a great deal easier. Such as pleasing your adoring fans." H.W. was now practically beaming as he strolled over to the counter. A few moments later, a man appeared from the back room followed closely by the young woman.

"Gentleman, how may I help you?" He looked somewhat annoyed as he stepped up to the counter.

"You must be Gerald. Koy said you could help me out with a wedding tuxedo." Ticallion was the next one to move over to the counter. The man tilted his head to the side, his annoyed countenance maintained. "Mmm. Maybe I could. What particularly were you looking for?"

"Well, I need something with just a slight hint of blue." Tical suddenly realized something as he began his description. "By the way, Koy promised if you help me out that she'd make sure you get a nice supply of her chocolate chip walnut cookies too."

Gerald's face softened significantly as he motioned Tical to come around the counter. "Well, well, well. Koy's cookies. Actually, come to this back room. I can show you all of the finer materials that I don't keep out here." Apparently, in the world of fashion, it's not what you knew. But who you knew.

"Coo'. C'mon H.W." Tical turned to find his agent had busied himself with a civic duty of helping the shop girl reach the shelf she was searching earlier. H.W. turned his gaze to Tical rather reluctantly and waved his hands. "Actually, Ticallion. I will wait up here." Tical shook his head slowly as he followed Gerald into the back of the shop, the sound of H.W.'s voice and a promise of "season tickets and a luxurious tour of Kitsune Stadium" floated back to his ears from the storefront.

So much for getting a professional opinion..