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Date: 06 Jan 2004 21:47:48 EST

written by Johnathan Havoick

Another night Cory found himself wondering in the general direction of the arena. Idle thoughts drifting in and out as his stride continued. A new year had come, the past full of undesirable memories. Some things forever locked away. Never to mentioned for his own well being. Others that could not, would not, be forgotten. This years resolution would be fulfiled, or he'd die trying.
Oblivious to her surroundings Chaz sped toward the arena. Half the time her eyes strayed from the road, fixating on the gauges on her bike. Further distracted by numorous voicemail messages coming from an ear piece, and the constant scream of the engine. Still she accelerated on at dangerous speeds.
Right there, one more block to his destination. One more road to cross and alls clear. He didn't let up in pace even with the roaring engine nearing. By virtue of the elf, Pslyder, a many patrons and other civilians in the area were supplied with motorcycles. Still he thought nothing of the sound, nor did he look both ways. A quarter the way across and the night took an unexpected turn.

Riding along, everything seemingly okay. Chaz glanced down to check the gauges and change to the next message. Before she could press the button her bike whined and bucked her over the handlebars. Sending Chaz careening through the air, then brutal contact with concrete.
If she had worn the proper leather clothing, serious injury could've been avoided. That too had failed to even cross her mind. The corse concrete had no problem ripping and shredding through her clothing, leaving fierce road rash as she skidded to a stop. "Frag it all.." she groaned, writhing on the ground from the impact and burning all through her body. "M-..Must've been a big dog.."
"One big.. angry dog." From her position Chaz could not yet focus on the dark figure rolling to it's back. That voice, though strained from the accident, was recognized immediately. "Wha' the hell?!"~ No, there's no way. This can't be happening!~ By now Chaz was ready to scream, the last thing she wamted to hear was his voice. ~How could he live through that?!~

It's all in the reflexes, even if he was paying no mind the wailing engine Cory still consciously knew it was coming. Fast. When he realized it's path, or speed wasn't changing he made the last ditch effort to dive back. Mistimed due to the collective state of mind. His legs acting as the road block the sent the bike end over end. It wasn't a car, the weight was managable, it wouldn't crush him. If anything the wheel would leave a nasty bruise and a rash before Chaz lost control.
Both needed time to get up to their feet. Chaz admitting guilt and expressing sympathy to Cory. "Oh geez, I'm so sorry, Cory. I sorry, I didn't see you. Are you alright?" Now the last thing on her mind was the wounds, first and foremost was soothing the beast. "Wha' were you thinking?" he spoke as if he had no blame to bare concerning the accident. "Do you need to see a doctor? I'll help anyway possible."
She was dangerously close considering their previous encounter before this. "Tell me if you're hurt and I'll take you to a doctor." trying to survey Cory's injuries. "No no, I'll be fine." Cory used her as a brace to support his weight. All the while hiding the malicious grin by tucking his chin to his chest. Yes, he'd realized who was responsible. The gears were in full motion, what a grand opportunity.
Chaz grunted at the new load to bare. Directing their staggers toward the arena. "I'll get you some help, just come with me." "No, you shouldn't.." "Yes, I should. I'm so sorry about this, It's my fault. Alteast let me help you." "No you really shouldn't." and he stopped, halting their progress.

Just a few more seconds to reel her in and everything would set to motion. Time to fake something to bring her closer. A painful groan and Cory doubled over, hands set on his knees. Merely reacting Chaz leaned to eye level. "You were warned." For this, there was no time to react. Cory had Chaz by the wrist and twisted, bringing her arm around her back. She could feel her fingers touching the back of her neck, her only option was to submit with a whimper.
"Now, listen good," lips brushed against her ear, Cory's voice lowered to a whisper. "You're going to do as I say from now on. There will be no cries, no pleas, no struggling. No hesitation. Do as I say and we all go home happy. Am I clear?"
It was her nature to protest, she wouldn't be handled this way, even if her assailant was twice her size. Instinctively she stomped down on Cory's foot to free herself. Only, it had the opposite effect. "Would've had a lot more effect if you had leverage." Cory held no remorse when he amplified pressure to her arm. A satisfying *pop* when Chaz's shoulder came out of socket. She yelped from the pain and crumbled to her knees. Resisting no longer an issue. "Hmph.. Now you'll see it my way?"
Cory tangled up a handful of hair and jerked her head back as he lowered to her level. Speaking softly into her ear again. "Now, are you doing to follow my orders?" Chaz responded with a subtile nod, and Cory released his hold. "Good girl." He assisted her up by hoisting from the other side. She jerked away, proclaming independence but kept her lips sealed. Cory responed with a chuckle. "We're going to have so much fun." Playfully flipping at her hair.

"Okay, move." he added insult to injury, intentionally shoving the injured arm., then guiding her back from hence he came. At some point during the trek Cory ripped off a shred from his clothing to blind Chaz's vision. Then spun her around to disorient her sense of direction. "I'm so glad you decided to comply. I told you, as long as you do as I say you won't get hurt. I'm a man of my word."
All the turns were difficult to keep track of, most imprtantly, she had no clue as to where she was being taken to. Footsteps, sounds of the night and the occasional barking dog off in the distance were all she had to rely on. Chaz caught only a second of Cory's mumbled conversation to some stranger. Then the sound of a gate opening and closing. The dog had multiplied to three distinguishable barks. They were guard dogs, that was for certain.
Then their footsteps echoed, they had gone indoors. The ceilings were tall, rooms vast, the echoes made that part simple. She felt a hand on her shoulder, this time urging her to stop. Another voice she knew, but couldn't put a face or a name on filled her ears. "And what is this, Cory?" Cory snorted and copped a grin. "My playtoy, what else would I have her for?" "Hrm, I see. Is that --?" Cory interrupted the man. "If you're thinking who I think you are. Yes." "Silence! Don't interrupt me when I speak, boy." Whomever it was had stern hold of Cory decernable by the weak response. "Yes, sir."

"Good. I'm sure you'd like to get to work, I'm busy myself. You are excused." and they started moving again. He led her down a staircase, more confusing turns before they stopped again. She heard a door close and everything fell silent. "My arm still hurts, you know." To remain silent all that time was excruciating. Bite back the pain was her only option though. Cory could easily manhandle her, and the newest party must be even more dangerous to have Cory on a wire.
"Well then.." And she was being guided down onto a bed. "..lie on you right side and get ready." Cory's put his hands into position. "On the count of three. One-Two." It was better to not look and not expect it, but it didn't stop her yelp and cries when having her arm set back in place. "..three. There." A moment later the blindfold was removed. First thing she saw was Cory seated beside her on the bed.
"Why are you doing this? I never wanted to get involved. You dragged me into this. Why are doing this?!" Kicking out of rage would only complicate the matter, besides, she didn't have strength to spare. "Why? I came across some excellent news." Cory stood, clasped his hands behind his back and began pacing.

"I was told you and Pslyder are bonded together. Elfs, once bonded, are bonded for life. Correct?" he bounced the ball to her court. Sure, she could deny it, maybe his source wasn't that reliable. Chaz wouldn't risk it. "That's right." she spoke softly, tried to sit up but ordered to lie back down with a point. Cory nodded at her obedience. "And should one die, the other dies?" Her fears realized, her heart jumping to her throat. Speaking was impossible, Chaz confirmed by nodding.
"Hmm, well then. I have quite a choice to make. To be honest with you, I'd rather not see you die." That was a relief. "On the other hand, I want Pslyder's head on a platter." That nullified the relief. "I admit, I dragged you into this. Blame Pslyder for digging your grave. He chose to pull the trigger during a hostage situation." "Didn't you shoot me?" such a snappy retort given the situation. Cory nodded, and surprisingly apologized. "Yes, it was unintentional. My body tensed as a reaction to being shot, and I pulled the trigger. My apologies." "That's no excuse." minute by minute she was pushing back against Cory's reign. He'd given an inch and she wanted the whole damn mile.
"Take it as you will. It doesn't solve your present situation." ~Oh yes, that. Right~ Back to ground zero. "Let me reiterate. All I ask is your cooperation. You'll be under constant surveilence, don't try anything." "You're asking me to sit around and wait to die!" A short lived protest snuffed by a sharp blow to her jaw. "From now on you don't speak!" mostly likely true. The punch caught her sqaure on the joint, locking it shut.
All she could muster were whimpers as tears accumulated in her eyes. She couldn't look at him, that frightening stare signaled the outcome before it came to pass. "Get some sleep. Remember what I said." Cory backed out the door and locked it behind him. There was little hope of getting any rest with the momento Cory left behind and the unerving feeling of uncertainty.

It wasn't all that much later when the bolt clicked and the door opened. Cory stood angled in the doorway, leaning against the jam. "Your presence has been requested for dinner." Chaz uncurled from her position, never bringing her eyes to bare on him. "May I ask who?" her jaw clenched from earlier so pronounciation was difficult. Cory responded with a harsh negative, and motioned her out the door. "You can wash up first, third door on right." he pointed down the hall. "You've got ten minutes." and he stepping in the direction he pointed.
Chaz was left there, unbound, door open. She could run, but how far would she get? Cons outweighted the sparse pros, just obey. As soon as she turned the corner the hairs on the back of her neck bristled. Lifting her gaze down the hall she found Cory, in position by the stairs. The way he stared, it reminded her of a wild animal hidden in the dark. Observing the patterns of it's next meal. Quickly she ducked into the lavatory and shut the door. No sooner did the feeling subside, and he heaved a sigh.
~He's going to kill me, I know it. I have nothing to do with this.. thing he has on Pslyder. Why would he have any reason to take me? He knows how to find Pslyder, baiting him won't work. What is he thinking?~
Upstairs Anubis and Cory stood conversing the newest addition. "So, what do you plan on doing with the girl. Chaz is her name. Correct?" Anubis regarded Cory with dark Onyx, lightly sipping his wine. "Yessir." Cory nodded. "And what are your intentions?" Anubis fingers laced together atop his lap, thumbs figiting. "There's no other alternative but for her to die, sir. My real target is Pslyder, I don't plan on using Chaz as bait. Killing the elf won't be hard, I just think it would be "nice"," Cory cracked a smirk, "if the two got to be together when they die.. sir."
Anubis snorted, "You won't kill anyone unless I say, understood? Besides, I'd like to make use of Chaz. I'll grant you first taste, seeing as how you brought her in." (And I couldn't..) The thought didn't please him, but Cory was cooperating nicely. Reward the kid. "As you say, but what about the elf? Have you forgotten what he did?"
This caught Anubis mid-sip, causing a cough. "No, no, I haven't forgotten. I also haven't forgotten why he did what he did. You made a ignorant error, that was your own fault; and you're lucky to be sitting there." "I know, sir." Cory bit back an outburst, resorting to shifting in his seat. Anubis continued, "You didn't think into it very much before you dove in headfirst. Over your head may I add." he paused to enjoy more wine. "Think before you act, boy. You'll live longer. Now, go see on our guest." Anubis waved him off and inspected one of his girls.
Cory didn't have far to travel, coming up the stairs was Chaz. Her wounds cleaned, some of the more serious ones bandaged by a servant. "Good, you're learning." Cory clamped a hand down on the back of her neck. Her body tensed at the commanding touch. "This way." He led her through the rooms until she heard that voice again. "Hello dear.."

All of a sudden Cory didn't seem so dangerous, her body cowering against him as she struggled the produce the name. "A-..Anubis?" Things were going from bad to dire. ~He brought me here?~ That was confirmation enough. She was already six feet under. "None other." Filed canines bared in a damning smile. "Please, sit. We have much to discuss." Anubis' voice trailed off to a disgusted hiss, pouring more wine down his throat.
"It's been some time since our rendevous at the dock, no?" No, she wouldn't say a word, eat and retreat back to the room under the care of Cory. He was her only lifeline in the place, as bad as it sounded. "Fair enough." The dishes were brought in by more servants, set out before the trio and the girls vanished through the doors again.
Anubis chuckled, "It's quite alright, I wouldn't kill you on your first night here. You've yet to recieve the tour. Although, I can't speak for Cory here." a cut of his meat went into his mouth. Chaz's eyes swept to Cory. More stares, he was so difficult to understand. Reluctantly she ate what was offered, the food was pleasant at least. Again Anubis broke the silence. "You two are boring me. Cory, let's here that plan of yours, hmm?"
"Of course.." Cory set his fork aside and focused on Chaz. "I'm sure you'd like to know why you're here? Well, bait for Pslyder would be the obvious guess,but no; What use would you be if he and you died? I'm sure you can be very useful. I doubt you've noticed, but something's different about Pslyder;" Chaz kept nibbling, gaze unwavering from the meal. "He even offered me an apology." Anbuis interrupted with a laugh then nodded for Cory to continue.
"It won't be a problem if I bring him here. You see, both Anubis and I dislike him. Why dispatch you both immediately when you both have so many talents to exploit. Pslyder will entertain us, while you please us. A slow, humiliating death seems appropriate." Chaz's entire body twitched, she just wanted to let the river flow. Hope had taken its leave long ago.
"M-m.. May I be excused?" anything to get away from these two creeps. Cory glanced to Anbuis for guidence, "She's your's for now, don't look at me." Anubis went on eating. "Fine, go back to your room." Cory motioned a sevant to escort her back to her room, Chaz went silently leaving the two to their deeds.