The Final Frontier

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The Final Frontier

Post by DoS Archive » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:06 pm

From: (Crash Juno)
Date: 10 Jan 2004 02:21:42 EST

"This is the Star Patrol. Cut your engines and prepare to be boarded," a booming voice warned over the intercom.

The Silver Phantom's pilot only offered the officer pictured on the viewscreen a thin lipped smile before cutting the transmission and kicking the engines into full throttle, tearing through empty space like a bat out of hell. The bubble canopy cockpit swiveled around to allow Crash a better view of the ship in pursuit.

"They only sent a class nine? They must not appreciate the value of the cargo we're carrying. Computer, can we outrun?" he queried.

"Negative," was the monotone reply.

"Well, if it's a firefight they want the--"

"Multiple missiles locked. Impact in thirty-five seconds," the computer interrupted.

Crash could only exhale an exasperated sigh as he slammed a heavy boot down onto a seemingly random pedal, taking note of the pair of missiles cutting through space on a course to impact with his ship. Pupils darted from left to right, scanning output screens and indicators, a brief glance over his shoulder to keep track of the first missile headed his way. Suddenly he pounded a fist against the emergency brake button, bringing the Silver Phantom to a complete halt in a rather timely manner, first missile screeching overhead mere inches from the canopy. A brief burst from the twin plasma cannons detonated the missile a safe distance away.

The cockpit rotated once more to face the lone missile still on a collision course, engines soon kicking into high gear again with a thunderous roar, the ship tearing through space on a direct path with the incoming missile. Crash grinned a victorious grin as he prepared for a head on pass with the streaking projectile, a grin that proved to be premature as the nearly forgotten pursuit ship opened fire, peppering the Silver Phantom's hull.

The shields held but the impact of the rounds forced the ship off its intended course, the already dangerous head on pass taking a near fatal turn. Only the hands of a skillful pilot would be enough to avoid disaster and it had been a long time since Crash's skills had ever been questioned. The ship twisted into a barrel roll and quickly gained altitude, missile passing harmlessly below, buying Crash ample time as he maneuvered through the hail of cannon fire. Time was of the essence as the missile made a swift U turn, still firmly locked on the Silver Phantom as the ship streaked below the belly of the pursuit ship, fire from twin plasma cannons penetrating the Star Patrol ship's fuel storage hold. The ensuing explosion blasted the Silver Phantom clear, that victorious grin reappearing on Crash's lips as the missile's course led it directly into the explosion, detonating it and leaving the pursuit ship crippled and helpless in the process.

"They really should upgrade the shielding on those class nines," Crash chuckled, adjusting his ship's course. "Computer, assess damage."

"Computer targeting and landing systems rendered inoperative. Shield strength holding at sixty-five percent."

"Estimated time of arrival?"

"Arrival in RhyDin in three hours, twenty-seven minutes."

"Perfect. Engage auto-pilot."

And soon this journey would be over and another would most likely begin.