Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 5!

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Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 5!

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From: pslyderfta@aol.com (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 26 Jan 2004 18:22:27 EST

Rhy'din Weekly News
5th week, 1st issue
Pslyder; Editor

PJ expecting Harris' baby! Experts baffled! Sarah up in arms!

JoeBob Scroggins takes his yearly bath! Locals concerned over water safety and purity!

Gork abducted by space aliens and returned immediately! "We really screwed that decision." stated one of the confused extraterrestrials!

Anubis Karos spotted shopping at the Saks perfume counter! "He kept going on about not finding any kohl." one of the sales clerks said!

Elven 'Tude for the Dueling Dude! This week, we make over U7! What were we thinking. . .

Topaz seen flying from an empassioned Thellis! Is love in the air?