Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 6!

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Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 6!

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From: pslyderfta@aol.com (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 02 Feb 2004 21:06:42 EST

Rhy'Din Weekly News
6th week, 1st issue
Pslyder, editor

Gorkaphobia running rampant!
Sightings of the Gorkster have people running in the streets!

Raven reported missing!
Experts speculating penguin involvement!

Elven 'Tude for the Dueling Dude!
This week, we take on JoeBob Scroggins! Aiiieeee!

Max Blue suspended from dueling!
Spectators blame the buttless chaps!

Bella Sera salon haunted?
Local homeless reporting strange, ghostly noises!

Xerzesism spreading rapidly!
Local churches baffled at sudden drop in attendance!