Challenge for the 10th

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Challenge for the 10th

Post by DoS Archive » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:02 pm

From: (DUEL Wisp)
Date: 18 Feb 2004 22:32:41 EST

On this day I, Sir Thellis W. I. Droppahammer esq., had the privilege of witnessing Cletus Ganderfald's challenge to the renegade tenth baron Var Medici-Giovanni... Yeah yeah yeah. Y'all know who these guys are already, but for the benefit of those just tuning in, Var dueled with Fallen Crew and also made this challenge a family affair fighting under Medici-Giovanni colors and bringing in that dashing young dude Noble for a second. Cletus, dueling with the deadly unpronounceable Hralfgar in hand, was seconded by Max, baron of the fifth, under the banner of Polaris. Var and Cletus both dueled for the honor of their loyal wives Noelle and Arane, respectively... I hope.

In between a few ineffective attempts at positioning, the baron and the challenger managed to cut each other three times in six rounds, with Var gaining and maintaining a one-point lead from a timely circ parry

QuickVarMG: HC FS FC HC FD LC... 4
CletusGanderfald: LC FS TH LC FS HC... 3

Var tried to end the match on a strong note and failed.... twice.... but Cletus was likewise unable to take advantage of his opponent's missteps.

QuickVarMG: ...FDI FDI... 4
CletusGanderfald: ...FSS SL.... 3

Cletus took the bait and started attacking, which was probably a bad idea inasmuch as the baron was still quite prepared to defend. Despite having exhausted his repetoire of fancies in the first seven rounds, Var was able to close out the duel with a pair of sidesteps.

QuickVarMG: ...SS LC SS 5
CletusGanderfald: ...TH LC SL 3

And so the tenth baronial ring remains in Var's possession. To nobody's surprise, he also chose to renew his renegade status toward overlady Shakira. Well contested, Cletus, and may Var continue to reign with wisdom and honor &c.