Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 8! (early!)

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Rhy'Din Weekly News Week 8! (early!)

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From: pslyderfta@aol.com (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 21 Feb 2004 13:39:42 EST

Rhy'Din Weekly News! Special Double Issue!
Psydler, editor(not a typo)
8th week, 1st issue

PJ Ramirez elevated to High Priestess of Xerzesism! Peace reigns!

Topaz and Max Blue spotted cavorting on Twilight Beach!
::Disclaimer, reporter is a goblin.::

Vince reported sending an army of penguins in search of the elusive Raven! Details inside!

Dangerous Curves memberships swell to new levels as Stick has been sighted taking up erotic dancing lessons! Harris reported "last to know". . .

Karen Wilder also spotted near DCC! Could this be a sign of Church funds paying off the sin tax? Details inside!
::PJ made me do it.::

Elven 'Tude for the Dueling Dude-ette! This week, we make over Nanami Minayo! We need a flock of male strippers and a fifth of JD, STAT!!!

Reports of a new sex stimulant surging! Locals cramming stores in search of the elusive aphrodesiacs!

Overlady Shakira and Onyx Solare spotted together at an inn in Badside! Steamy gossip inside!

Amaltea and Imp reported missing! Could Implings be in the near future? Read on to learn more!

Sightings of Bigfoot and Bigfoot Jr. increasing daily! Local furriers up in arms!

((Disclaimer: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!))