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From: (The Duelies 2004)
Date: 22 Feb 2004 04:45:43 EST

Yes Folks...

As we can all see, its that time of year again! Awards Shows left and right! There is no escape! Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated... ::cough:: Err, Sorry. Got a bit carried away there.

We've seen the Emmys, the Grammys, The Espys and the Tonys. We've watched the Video Music awards just as many times as MtV wishes to cram it down our ever loving throats! But now, here is is... ::insert fanfare here::


Its time those proud members of the dueling forums had a say in things and here is your chance! Nominations and Voting will be the same process. Categories will be provided below, but hey! Feel free to write in some of your own categories if you think we missed any. And here we go ...

1.) Best Swords Duelist - Male
2.) Best Swords Duelist - Female
3.) Best Magic Duelist - Male
4.) Best Magic Duelist - Female
5.) Best Fists Duelist - Male
6.) Best Fists Duelist- Female

Ok, that takes care of the standard ones, and feel free to go against rankings and follow your heart or head... now lets have some fun, shall we?

7.) Sexiest Duelist - Male
8.) Sexiest Duelist - Female
9.) Sweetest Duelist - Male
10.) Sweetest Duelist - Female
11.) Happiest Duelist - Male
12.) Happiest Duelist - Female
13.) Crankiest Duelist - Male
14.) Crankiest Duelist - Female
15.) Most Insane Duelist - Male
16.) Most Insane Duelist - Female
17. ) Most Prim/Proper/Uptight Duelist - Male
18.) Most Prim/Proper/Uptight Duelist - Female
19.) Best Sense of Humor/Funniest - Male
20.) Best Sense of Humor/Funniest - Female
21.) Most Over-Dramatic Male
22.) Most Over-Dramatic Female
23.) Most Eligible Bachelor
24.) Most Eligible Bachelorette
25.) Most Wanted but Unavailable Male
26.) Most Wanted but Unavailable Female
27.) Best Couple/Romance
28.) Most Mismatched Couple
29.) Most misunderstood duelist - male
30.) Most misunderstood duelist - Female
31.) Most Overall Strange Duelist - Male
32.) Most Overall Strange Duelist - Female
33.) Most Complicated - Male
34.) Most Complicated - Female
36.) Best Fighting Scene
37.) Best Kissing Scene
38.) Best Special Effects
39.) Best Dressed Male
40.) Best Dressed Female

Whoa Boy, that's a lot, isn't it? You might actually have to do some thinking... or just not vote in all categories. ::shrug:: Your choice! You have until March 1st to do your voting. Results will be posted on or before the following weekend, depending on voter turn out (i.e.: How much you make us work, you slave drivers!) Have at it and Have Fun!

((OOC Disclaimers and other such things: All votes are to be sent to for tabulation. Please list "The Duelies" as your subject matter. Any emails without said subject line will be summarily deleted. Please, please do not post your nominations and votes to this thread. That'll just kill the suspense! Your votes will be kept confidential. Only you and the people you chose to tell are going to know who you voted for. All emails will be kept and filed, minus the headings showing who sent them. This is for fun, kids! We're not out to hurt anyone's feelings or tick anyone off. If you even think you might be upset by anything, simply don't read the results. If you know a dueler with strictly AIM access that might want to participate, please feel free to send this along to them. Please do try to limit your votes to those who participate in the duels, this isn't a RhyDin-wide competition. Ugh, can you imagine how ugly that could get? ;o) ))