Talon of Redwin Tournament

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Talon of Redwin Tournament

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From: duelrory@aol.com (DUEL Rory)
Date: 15 Mar 2004 12:24:30 EST

On the evening of Sunday, March 14, fourteen duelists gathered for the first official lower ranked, single-elimination tournament. Before the night's dueling began, it was announced that the winner of the tournament would be named Talon of Redwin and would recieve a dirk that had been given by Siera Redwin, a legendary Overlord and Baron, to the winner of a similar tournament among her men. The winner shall hold this title and dagger until next cycle's Talon of Redwin Tournament at which time a new winner shall be determined.

The competitors were seated according to the order in which their entries were received. Bronwyn relied on a multitude of positional advantages to get a win over Raven. In the next ring, Tim Enralyte faced off against newcomer, Darren Drazen. Tim never could get his footing, losing in the night's first perfect shutout. Sixteen year old, Xiao Qiao, got her night off to a solid start by sending Nebo Fugen home early. Xerzes and Klinton Caer fought neck-in-neck, bringing the match to sudden death. Klinton performed a risky attack that Xerzes avoided, advancing Xerzes to the next round. PJ nerfed Vince to put herself in the second round. Mark Gill and Onyx traded insults and blows in Ring Zoom. Perhaps the beer Onyx had in one hand kept her distracted from her whipping because Mark knocked her out of the tournament with a 5.5-2 victory. Tareth offered to give Tellius some bruises for Lisana to kiss better and while he did get in a good number of shots, Tellius emerged with a close 5-4 win.

In the second round, seven contestants remained, meaning that somebody would recieve a bye. As the earliest entry left in the tournament, Xerzes recieved that bye. PJ faced off against Bronwyn in Bebop with Harris officiating. As usual when Harris officiates a fight b etween two women, lewd calls came spilling out of his mouth. Perhaps PJ had the advantage being that she knows and ignores Harris on a regular basis. Either way, she took a strong 5-1 victory. The final two duels of this round both went twenty rounds. Tellius and Darren as well as Mark and Xiao battled it out. For the second time tonight a dead heat was broken when a risky attack failed as Tellius lunged in before Darren's slash could connect, pushing Tellius into the semi-finals. Xiao's cuteness factor seemed to throw off Mark who seemed troubled to lose to a sixteen year old girl.

In Round Three, Xerzes met up to face Xiao. Xerzes decided that Xiao wasn't a very good name for the young woman and so he decided to call her Twelve since she looked about twelve years old. Twelve wasn't very happy with her new nickname. Regardless, Xerzes beat the jailbait which led to one nasty temper tantrum from Xiao. PJ faced off against Tellius in the other ring and didn't waste much time getting to work. Her solid night continued as she scored the night's second perfect shutout.

The final round saw PJ and Xerzes battling it out for the right to be called the Talon of Redwin for this cycle. Xerzes took an early lead, bringing the score up to 4.5-2.5. His scoring stopped there. PJ soared back to tie it up and the crowd watched anxiously as several moments passed with the pair unable to score. Finally, PJ landed a low attack beneath Xerzes' defense to claim the title for herself.

I am honored to name PJ Ramirez the Duel of Swords' first Talon of Redwin.

As witnessed by Lorelai Laurent with officiating by Deluthan Ev'rt and Harris D'Artainian.


First Round:
Bronwyn of Tyr def. ShadowedRaven2, 5-3 in 9 rounds.
Darren Drazen def. Tim Enralyte, 5-0 in 5 rounds.
Nebo Fugen def. Ms Xiao Qiao, 5.5-4 in 12 rounds.
Xerzes M def. Klinton Caer, 5-4 in 6 rounds.
Razored Wrists def. Lunar Mask, 5-3.5 in 9 rounds.
Marksgetsetgo def. Onyx Solare, 5.5-2 in 10 rounds.
TeIIius def. Tareth A Thorn, 5-4 in 8 rounds.

Second Round:
Xerzes gets bye.
Razored Wrists def. Bronwyn of Tyr, 5-1 in 8 rounds.
TeIIius def. Darren Drazen, 8.5-7 in 20 rounds.
Ms Xiao Qiao def. Marksgetsetgo, 7.5-6.5 in 20 rounds.

Third Round:
Xerzes M def. Ms Xiao Qiao, 5-3 in 11 rounds.
Razored Wrists def. TeIIius, 5-0 in 5 rounds.

Fourth Round:
Razored Wrists def. Xerzes M, 5.5-4.5 in 12 rounds.))