SDI's April Calendar Ad!

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SDI's April Calendar Ad!

Post by DoS Archive » Fri Mar 04, 2005 12:38 am

From: (HarrisTheHeckler)
Date: 28 Mar 2004 15:18:31 EST

A new monthly calendar series from Sly Dart, Inc. featuring the stunningly beautiful women of the duels. 30 days, 30 photos!

This month's spotlight: PJ Ramirez
Height - 5'3"
Weight - 105 lbs
Hair Color - Black
Eye Color - Dark
Measurements - 36/24/35

Fresh off of her victory in the Talon of Redwin tournament and here to add some spice to your life! Yes, it's the woman of your dreams, PJ Ramirez! We know you can't get enough of her shapely curves and bountiful bosom, so we reached out and got her just for you! And you know, she seems to have misplaced all of her tops... Hmm. How did that happen? Do you even care? Of course not! Topless, topless, topless means buy, buy, buy!!

SDI Presents APRIL featuring PJ

And if a topless PJ isn't enough to kickstart your motor then maybe the chance to win a date with this slinky seductress will be! That's right, every calendar you purchase has a number printed on the inside of the cover. A live drawing will be held in the Arena on April the 1st to determine the winner! Win a date with PJ! And try not to slobber on her, please.

((OOC Notes: Here's the deal. The raffle is for real. Yes, I know that rhymes. If you want to enter then drop me a mail and you'll get a number. One number. Granted, realistically a character could purchase numerous calendars and have numerous numbers, but in an effort to make this fair every character gets one. The winner will be determined live by a single dice roll in the room to represent the drawing of the winning number.))