Overlord Challenge Results

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Overlord Challenge Results

Post by DoS Archive » Fri Mar 04, 2005 12:41 am

From: duelimp@aol.com (DUEL Imp)
Date: 31 Mar 2004 18:28:38 EST

Overlord Challenge Results

The Imp wuzz summoned! The Imp wuzz thurr!!!!!

What chu mean you weren't thurr?!!!

Ok, let me tell ya. It went like this. This guy Bode won the right to challenge the Overlord at some tournament a couple of weeks ago. He came in with everybody and their mother. Shakira also brought all her nekkid slaves. Bode's second was the Brother's Graziano and most all of the Wrecking Crew. Maria was his Lady of Honor. Shakira's second and Man of the Moment was Anubis. It all started after a short pause to blow smooches to Kaja.

Shakira got the first point by blocking Bode, then he tied the score by avoiding her attack. Then it got a little slow, no blood still, I was getting bored and then WHAM! It happened! Bode attacked, Shakira replied! Then they both bleed!! And even bleed some more!!! ::pant pant:: Lots and lots of blood!! I remember Bode asking to be scratched, he must have been itchy! So the score is four all, there's a lot of tension, neither one wants to be the one to give in. Then Bode decides to attack but Shakira's attack was faster and she nailed him for that last bloody point!!!

Congratulations to Bode for such a good show. Congratulations to Shakira who is still the Overlord!

Bode BoJangles CatShakira
3. HC HC
4. SH SH
6. TH SH
7. LC HC
8. TH TH
9. LC LC
11. LC TH