1st Issue RWN!!!

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1st Issue RWN!!!

Post by DoS Archive » Thu Mar 03, 2005 6:45 pm

From: pslyderfta@aol.com (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 29 Dec 2003 19:10:10 EST

Rhy'din Weekly News
1st printing, 1st issue.

Headlines for this week:

Overlady Shakira seen attending church!
Is this the sign of the Apocalypse? Has the world gone mad? Find out more!

Is the Ward causing cancer?
Experts warn that the rapid healing displayed by those in the rings could cause cells to become cancerous! You've been warned!

Vince and Raven reported to be expecting!
The happy couple are bubbling over with excitement at their first penguin baby!

So many Calendars, so little time!
Concerns raised over the number of lewd calendars and the potential explosion in population. .

Dom's a flop!
"All the charm and personality of an unwashed pygmy." says one streetwalker!

Breast implants and you, the bigger picture.

((Disclaimer: The proceeding headlines and blurbs are completely woven out of the insanity of one mind. No intent to harm or discredit anyone involved is intended. This is just good, harmless fun and rumormongering. There needs to be more rumormongering.))