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RWN Week 3!

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From: (Pslyder FTA)
Date: 19 Jan 2004 11:05:05 EST

Rhy'din Weekly News
3nd week, 1st issue
Pslyder; Editor

This week's celebrity Profile. . .
G'nort Dragoon, surgical satyr or highly blessed? We ask one hundred women the most hard hitting questions about this self-styled fertility god.

When Flora LeGray moves into the celestial tower of Twilight Island, she will leave behind a fully equipped torture chamber! The grisly find was made at Flora's prior residence during a party to celebrate her victory in the archmage tournament. Despite several of the instruments showing signs of recent use, both remaining tenants profess complete ignorance! Lydia: "I never knew of such a thing!," Jehanne: "Me neither... but I wish I had."

Sappy Comment of the Week. . .
Ahhh I am smitten... it is the lovely Topaz, her eyes as limpid pools, her hair as soft clouds in a sunset over the purest sky....

Elven 'Tude for the Dueling Dude!
This week's makeover, Silentos! Lord, where do we start?

Conscience on an upswing?
Rhy'din women having sudden attacks of conscience and morality! Men everywhere fearing for their quality of life! Details inside!

I was attacked by an Elven Sex Vampire!
We interview the latest victim in a series of mysterious wild encounters!

((All in fun, blahblahblah, not to be taken seriously, blahblahblah, I need help, blahblahblah.))