Challenge of the Twelfth Results

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Challenge of the Twelfth Results

Post by DoS Archive » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:33 pm

From: (DUEL Imp)
Date: 31 Jan 2004 20:35:45 EST

Challenge of the Twelfth Results

The Imp wuz there! There wuz dooling! There wuz drooling! There wuz blood! There was one hot Overlord! ::cough::

But I digress... Nick didn't have a second or lady of honor. Lydia's second was the Archmage Flora and she was dueling under the banner of the Royal Cross of the Believer.

The duelists stepped into the ring. Lydia started on the offensive but Nick deflected that attack like a Baron should. After that first point there was no stopping Nick! He then scored by connecting under Lydia's defense. Lydia stayed defensive but Nick outmaneuvered that too! Then came my favorite part when they both thrusted! And there wuz blood! Everywhere!!! ::drools:: Nick then took it home by swinging over Lydia's defense for the bloody win!

Nick remains Baron of the Twelfth! He also remains loyal to the Overlord.

Well done, Nick! Good show, Lydia!

Play by play:

Lydia Nick
1. TH SH
2. SH LC
4. TH TH