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Warlord Tournament Results

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From: duelchristopher@aol.com (DUEL Christopher)
Date: 09 Mar 2004 01:26:01 EST

On the night of Sunday, March 7th, a mere nine duelists stepped up for an opportunity to prove themselves among the best the Warlord pool has to offer. In a twist that occurred late Friday evening, Nick Tyme retired the 12th ring, making it a valid prize for the Warlord tournament. With no official announcement until after the tournament started, the news did not draw any new potential duelists.

The first round saw Jenia, as the top seed, take the first bye but that didn't stop the action from taking place. Bode was the quickest to get the night started, knocking Sartan off handily. Jaycy was able to avoid the bite of the Saryna Snake to take her first win of the night. Elsewhere, Karen completed a strong comeback to steal victory away from Cassius. Stick rounded out the night by defeated her boy toy Harris in the first overtime match of the night.

With round one behind us, Bode took the breather for round two. He sat back and watched as Sartan sent Saryna packing with an impressive perfect shut out. Harris was the next to pack it in for the evening after falling to Cassius. Karen's victory over Stick was strong, but not shut out material. Not to be outdone by the shut out though, Jenia and Jaycy took part in an epic 21 round match (the longest of the night) that eventually sent Jaycy into the loser's bracket.

A slightly narrowed field in round three saw Karen take the bye as Bode and Jenia battled in the unbeaten bracket. After an early stalemate, Bode stormed back to knock Jenia down. Before the match began, Stick silently withdrew herself from competition and forfeited her match against Sartan. With the other match already underway, this gave Sartan the pass into the next round. Tired from the 21 round marathon, Jaycy was properly dispatched by Cassius in the second perfect shut out of the evening.

With nearly half the field gone, Cas took a seat in the loser's bracket while Jenia and Sartan fought it out to see who was going home. Sartan's layoff must have tightened him up because Jenia soundly sent him packing. In the winner's bracket, Karen battled Bode for a guaranteed prize. After a tight match, Bode came out on top and received a free pass to the final round.

Since everyone left had received a bye by round five, Jenia sat once more and watched Karen and Cassius fight a rematch. In a match not nearly as close, Karen advanced and all Cassius had left was to look forward to dueling Methous.

The last loser's bracket match of the evening pitted Jenia against Karen in one final all ladies match. This was Jenia's first tournament appearance, and she defied the odds (despite being the #1 seed), to reach her first ever Warlord Tournament finals.

There she met a well rested and eager to go Bode. In a much closer match than their previous meeting, Bode was quick to gain a lead and then give it up again. However, in the end, Bode's endurance proved the greater as he claimed his first Warlord Tournament victory.

With his win, Bode claimed the free challenge against Overlord Shakira. Jenia received her first Duel of Swords title, the Twelfth ring, but failed to provide an alignment at this time.

The duelers, seeds, records, and order of elimination were:
1. Jenia Aedroud (3-2)- Out 8th
2. Saryna Snake (0-2)- Out 1st
3. Harris (0-2)- Out 2nd
4. Cassius Maximius (2-2)- Out 6th
5. Bode Bojangles (4-0)- Winner
6. Sartan (2-2)- Out 5th
7. Karen Wilder (3-2)- Out 7th
8. Stick (1-2)- Out 3rd
9. Jaycy Ashleana (1-2)- Out 4th


1st round (Bye Jenia)

Bode Bojangles def. Sartan W, 5-1 in 8 rounds.
Jaycy Ashleana def. SarynaSnake, 5.5-4 in 10 rounds.
Karen Wilder def. Cassius Maxim 5-4 in 11 rounds.
Sarah The Stick def. HarrisTheHeckler, 6-5 in 13 rounds.

2nd round (Bye Bode)

Karen Wilder def. Sarah The Stick, 5-1 in 6 rounds.
Sartan W def. SarynaSnake, 5-0 in 5 rounds.
Cassius Maxim def. HarrisTheHeckler, 5-1 in 9 rounds.
Aedroud LCA def. Jaycy Ashleana, 9-7.5 in 21 rounds.

3rd round (Bye Karen)

Sartan W def. Sarah The Stick, 0-0 in 0 rounds FORFIET
Bode Bojangles def. Aedroud LCA, 5-1 in 10 rounds.
Cassius Maxim def. Jaycy Ashleana, 5-0 in 5 rounds.

4th round (Bye Cas)

Aedroud LCA def. Sartan W, 5-1 in 7 rounds.
Bode Bojangles def. Karen Wilder, 5-4 in 9 rounds.

5th round (Bye Jenia)

Karen Wilder def. Cassius Maxim, 5-2 in 6 rounds.

6th round

Aedroud LCA def. Karen Wilder, 5-3 in 8 rounds.

7th round

Bode Bojangles def. Aerdroud LCA, 5-4 in 8 rounds.