Absence of Innocence

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Absence of Innocence

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From: shadowedraven2@aol.com (ShadowedRaven2)
Date: 19 Mar 2004 16:48:04 EST

The man crept furtively towards the arena, taking every possible precaution against detection. It wasn't often that an attack of conscience struck him, and therefore was quite potent. Slipping in through the door and off down a side corridor, he grimaced as he walked through the portal to the Isle. He knew where to find her, and wanted to ease his conscience as soon as he possibly could. Blinking to clear his eyes as he stepped through the other side, he looked around to get his bearings. He himself looked as nondescript as possible, just another shadow in the late night. One last glance around, then he began his search for her.

All of the creature's henchmen knew how to find her. His mark on her always drew them to her, unless she was on the Isle. Only he could cross to the Isle, and this wasn't the creature's mission he was on. He was seeking her help, and only had one thing to offer. He spotted her slumbering in her hammock on the beach, and called to her softly. "Raven. . .wake up Raven. Something important is about to happen. I need your help, Raven. . ."

Hearing the voice, snapped her out of slumber quickly. Jumping out of the hammock, she turned to face him, her expression filled with fear. He stepped slowly out of the surrounding forest, hands held at his side. "Fear not, dear Raven. I mean you no harm. I am not here at the master's beckoning. I have a proposition for you. The master's deprivations grow with each passing moment, and I have come to realize he must be stopped. I can only offer you two things in return for your assistance. Freedom if we succeed, and I can counter part of what he has done to you. I can give you back some of your power. Will you help me?" He remained still, some distance from her. "I can give you up to a fortnight to decide if you need. But he is preparing for some great magic, and if we do not interfere, he will become nearly unstoppable. I will leave you with this token, and you may use it to call me to you when you have reached a decision." With that, he eased his hand into his pocket, making no sudden movement to disturb her. Slipping a small token out of his pocket, he slowly placed it on the ground, and backed away from it and her, moving back into the forest and towards the portal. She waited until the telltale flare of the portal's activation before moving to inspect what he'd left behind.

It was a small silver disk, like she used to wear around her neck before the creature had taken her powers from her. But unlike her old ornamentation, this one bore no stamp of the creature. Instead, it had a simple glyph on the front, and was blank on the underside. She looked back to the portal, sleep now the furthest thing from her mind as she silently muttered in disgust at herself. "I do not know what will come of this, but I have a feeling it won't be anything good . ." Gathering up her cloak, she set off in search of Vince to inform him of this odd development.

((to be continued))