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Caged Rat

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From: (HarrisTheHeckler)
Date: 31 Mar 2004 23:10:44 EST

Harris staggered through the darkness, hands bound at the wrists behind his back, tongue pressing against the uncomfortable gag in his mouth as the all too cheerful woman several paces ahead tugged on the leash attached to the collar around his throat. He couldn't remember... Was he still supposed to be having fun?

He hadn't minded becoming a sideshow attraction in Outback after being accosted in the Arena by Shakira's henchmen and handed over to Onyx as some sort of gift. Surprisingly there had been a handful of people willing to come to his aid had he needed it, Sartan and even his favorite "sissy elf" Sprite among them. Onyx had deemed it necessary to make a hasty exit from the Outback before anyone dared to ruin her fun.

For whatever reason Harris hadn't taken her threat to cage him all too seriously, at least until she brought him to his cell. As he stepped across the threshold of the Inn's room at the top floor his first thought wasn't of his current predicament but whether or not the cage had been specially built for him. Or maybe if Onyx used it for other extracurricular activities. He couldn't help but burst into muffled snickers at the thought, immediately finding himself the victim of her preferred method of scolding, a rolled up newspaper to the nose.

Harris managed to pry his gaze from his new home long enough to peer curiously at Onyx. The woman appeared as though she could burst at the seams with joy at any instant; features alight with a rather toothy grin. Those brows of his waggled in her direction and his new warden promptly gave his leash a yank, causing him to stumble forward. Her lips curled into a smirk as she fished a key out of a pocket somewhere, unlocking and swinging the cage door open. Obstinate as ever Harris refused to move forward, for the first time seriously contemplating escape. How long had she told him he'd have to stay here? A week? That was a week too long in his book. And it wasn't likely he'd get his mandatory fifteen meals a day either, though at least his cell had the proper facilities for important bathroom going business. Muffled noises came from beneath the gag as he attempted to speak up. Onyx exhaled an exasperated sigh, some sort of perverse curiosity overcoming her in regard to what it is he had to say, which led to the removal of the gag.

"Thanks. Mind unshackling my hands?" He queried. Seemingly resigned to his fate at that point, actually moving toward the cage in a display of cooperation, knowing full well escape would come that much easier with his hands free.

"A whole week of peace and quiet. Away from you. Whatever will I do with my time?" Her question accompanied by a short laugh. So overcome with glee she was more than willing to comply with his request, though it was only after he was secure in the cage that his hands were freed.

"I'll be back to feed you tomorrow. If I remember." Another short laugh before she literally skipped from the room, closing the door behind her.

And once she was out of sight he was busy digging in his pockets, idly wondering if he remembered to bring his blowtorch.