• Rules of the Game

Based on the Duel of Fists rules from Ring of Honor this is just a practice tool to get more familiar with the game mechanics, or just blow some time when you're bored.

The Moves
There are 14 moves in total and you may use any of them as long as you do not use the same move in consecutive rounds. They break down roughly into 9 offensive moves (blue buttons below) and 5 defensive moves (gold buttons below). You can find a breakdown of how the moves interact with each other here.

You score points by either landing an offensive move OR two consecutive defensive moves. If you jab and your opponent snap kicks, the jab wins the combination and you earn a point. If your opponent had also jabbed then you both hit and both score points (see the DZ link above to find a matrix of interactions). Had you dodged, however, while the other guy jabbed it means you got out of the way and earn an advantage indicated with a + placed next to your score. An advantage is only good if you can combine two in a row which then earns you a point, otherwise it is tossed and the first did you no better than a null round. (But, at least you didn't get hit!).

The first fighter to achieve 5 (or a 1 point lead with 5+ points if both had reached 5 at the same time) wins. The fight ends after 15 rounds as a draw if the win condition has not been met.

Ranks and Mods
DoF has 7 ranks of fighters representing a person's experience and experise in the sport, with each tier granting the fighter aditional modifiers to use during the course of the bout.

  • Glass: 0 Mods
  • Jade: 2 Mods
  • Ruby: 3 Mods
  • Sapphire: 5 Mods
  • Emerald & Opal: 6 Mods
  • Diamond: 7 Mods
Normally the Diamond (DoF's top fighter) is limitted to 6 mods against fighters under the rank of Emerald, but here you get to face (or use) all 7 regardless of the rank difference selected.

How Mods Work
Mods come in 2 flavors: Fancies, which are applied to defensive moves, and Feints, which are applied to offensive moves.

Fancies are straight forward. The effect of a fancy is to turn a defensive advantage into a point, meaning you score with 1 rather than needing to string 2 together. eg: Dodge vs Jab earns you an advantage. FancyDodge vs Jab earns you a point.

Feints are slightly more complicated. A Feint will earn you a point if the other fighter uses a defensive move that would otherwise score on you, but has no impact against offensive moves. So, while a Jab normally gives up an advantage to a Dodge, a Feint Jab would instead score a point. Feinted or not though, a Jab will always lose a point to a Flip. Very useful against defenses, but a feint will always miss against another offense. eg: The jab beats a snapkick, but a feint jab vs a snapkick will result in a null round.

Mods, both Fancy and Feint, are selected by clicking on the ★ button next to any of the moves. The button will change to red to show you're about to use the modified version of the move.

That's pretty much all their is to it. Use the Ranks button on the left to select how many mods you and the opponent will have and begin the fight by selecting a move. You can give up and click Reset at any time to start over, though this will not reset rank selections.

This game interface and questionable logic that drives it has been provided by the player of Kalamere. Feel free to contact him with a PM on the RoH site if you have any questions or suggestions for the game.

Select Ranks

Click what rank you would like yourself and your opponent to fight as.

Click on Reset to close this window and begin a new duel. Rank/Mod settings cannot be modified for a bout already in progress.

Your Rank
Glass0 Mods
Jade2 Mods
Ruby3 Mods
Sapphire5 Mods
Emerald6 Mods
Diamond7 Mods
Opponent Rank
Glass0 Mods
Jade2 Mods
Ruby3 Mods
Sapphire5 Mods
Emerald6 Mods
Diamond7 Mods

Round by Round Results

1. 6. 11.
2. 7. 12.
3. 8. 13.
4. 9. 14.
5. 10. 15.
Display for:   YOU!
Display for:   NOT YOU!

Upper Cut

Leg Sweep
Snap Kick
Jump Kick
Spin Kick

Arm Block
Leg Block
Bout Complete