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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 5–Finals)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 18th, 2019 - 06:35am

Sapphire: Welcome back! If you missed our first segment this morning, it was a total snooze.

Jewell: Who knew 10 plus years of Madness Finals recaps could be so boring?

Sapphire: I know, right?

Jewell: And now because the studio execs hate me, we welcome onto our show Myria Graziano: number 2 seed finalist in Madness 2019, stupid [EXPLETIVE DELETED] [EXPLETIVE DELETED] [Sapphire laughing], finalist in last year’s Madness tournament, and winner of Madness 2017. Welcome, Myria. It’s super something to have you on the show this morning.

Myria: You know, at first when I got told to come do thi   . . .

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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 4)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 8th, 2019 - 10:24pm

Sapphire: Good morning RhyDin! We’re coming to you early this week because some competitors are just anxious to get their duels in and we didn’t want you to miss our predictions! The action has been hot and heavy in the rings and that smoke you see around town is all the brackets burning because we are down to the Fantastic Four in Madness 2019.

Jewell: We also have a guest in the studio with us again today though I’m not exactly sure why.

Sapphire: Don’t be salty just because he beat you. Yes, that’s right people! We have the lowest seeded member of the Madness Fantastic Four, Lord Arithon seeded at eleven, here with us today.   . . .

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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 3)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - April 3rd, 2019 - 05:22pm

Jewell: We’re back! After you all called in with your votes, Sapphire has dutifully left to go on a date with the sound-check guy, but worry not! In her place, I have one of my favorites joining me in the studio for the rest of the show: Rekah!

Rekah: I forgot how this works. I’m not fighting this year. Who are we talking to? I hope goblins.

Jewell: We are talking to our millions of admirers, including some goblins I’m sure. Naturally Jake has the show playing at the brewery for the goblins that work for him. They love me!

Rekah: Oh good. I love you, too! I have millions of admirers? I am sure they are   . . .

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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 2)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - March 27th, 2019 - 02:06pm

[Transcript Excerpt from Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 2) 03.28.2019 10:00]

Sapphire: Annnnd we’re back! If you’re just tuning in, I’d like to point out again that Jewell couldn’t bother to wake up this morning but that’s okay because I am joined in the studio today by the one… the only… the coolest Crew member: Jay Capistrano.

Jay: Sup?

Sapphire: So eloquent. Soooo while you were all busy crying over your busted brackets, like Jay here because dude, your betting bracket sucks!

Jay: Uhhhh…what bracket? I didn’t do a bracket. [pause, then an audible sigh] The interns   . . .

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Top Picks to Win 2019
by: Kalamere - March 15th, 2019 - 10:22am

The pools are in and dueling has begun! Now that the game is afoot, I thought we’d take a look at the people’s choice winners for this madness season. There are some very interesting picks this year and, to some of your dismay (and mine!) a top final four pick has already been eliminated!

Dragoon-Talanador Division:

Final Four:

For the top half of this division, the two most picked to advance are Matt Simon (12) and Rachael Blackthorne (9). Rachael gave us all a bit of a scare last night when it took her 16 rounds and 10 points to fend off Ebon, but in the end managed to pull out the win.

  . . .
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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 1)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - March 12th, 2019 - 11:42am

Jewell: We’re back! And just a reminder, because we have gotten a lot of calls over the commercial break, you can find an updated schedule of matches in the Arena and most local newspapers.

Sapphire: Now it’s time for the fun part: Too Blue Top 5 Matches to Watch in Round 1!

Jewell: We really could use a shorter name…

Sapphire: Jewell, would you like to start us off with your [reads slowly] TBTFMTWIRO list?

Jewell: Suuuure. We’ve got 16 matches to watch in Round 1 people, but these are my top 5 to be on the lookout for! Hope Naharis vs. Bailey Raptis (Monday, March 18th a   . . .

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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 1 — Sah Tarna Division)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - March 8th, 2019 - 07:26am

[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 1 — Sah Tarna Division) 03.07.2019 10:00]

Sapphire: We’re back! Wasn’t that a fascinating commercial for Doug’s Dingos and Dildos?

Jewell: I guess you could call it that…

Sapphire: And now we’re talking about another division not named after a woman AGAIN: The Sah Tarna Division!

Jewell: First up in this division is Forever Baroness of Seaside with a number 1 seed–Vael. Who is just breaking barony records left and right. She’ll be fighting number 16 seed… Olaf von Trunk.

Sapphire: Who is, in fact, a   . . .

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Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 1 — Dragoon-Talanador Division)
by: Jewell Ravenlock - March 8th, 2019 - 07:25am

[Transcript from Too Blue: Madness 2019 Edition (Round 1 — Dragoon-Talanador Division) 03.07.2019 10:00]

Sapphire: Hey hey RhyDin! We’re back! This is Sapphire Ravenlock D’Artainian along with the one and only Empress Jewell Ravenlock! The people over at KLIT-AM 900 Radio finally wised up and offered us a ton more money to come and do your favorite radio show again! [fireworks sound effect]

Jewell: That’s right! So we’ll be here throughout Madness 2019 every Thursday morning to give you the scoop on who we think will win–

Sapphire: And to laugh at those who didn’t from the previous week!

J   . . .

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