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How You Betting? – Championship
by: Conner Reid - April 22nd, 2021 - 08:39pm

Well it’s been a rollercoaster of a tournament, mates. We were thinking about just packing it in given how well we been doing. But you know how it is with them contractual obligations and all. Plus it be the Finals and it deserves a proper send-off.

The Championship

(6) Gatito vs. (11) Suturi

Don’t think there were a single bracket that had either of these here fighters going all the way. But nothing captures the excitement and unpredictability of Madness quite so much as seeing two first-time Madness participants fighting their way to the very end for a shot at the title.

Gatito had an impressive path to these here final rounds. He defeated   . . .

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Tip Top Ten Vol 1, Issue 8
by: Tippletoe Timbers - April 14th, 2021 - 08:25pm

As we draw nearer to the end of March Madness 2021, I thought we’d take some time to wax nostalgic with G’nort Dragoon-Talanador aka “G”. G’nort was the first person to win March Madness back in 2007 against opponents such as Rakeesh Sah Tarna, Maria Graziano, and Tarl Cabot. His winning prize was the Old Market District Barony and a challenge grant prize gifted to Horatio Macbeth. G’nort officially retired four years ago at the hands of Madness 2021 Ilnaren Division #1 Seed: Sa   . . .

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Most Recent Mad Action
Mira Burke Wins the Western Confernce and advances to the Final!
Mira Burke Wins the SKIDSpawn Division! Advances to the Final Four.
Matt Simon Wins the Lindo Division! Advances to the Final Four.
Eden Parker Advances to the 4th Round in the Lindo Division.

Tip Top Ten Vol 1, Issue 7
by: Tippletoe Timbers - April 12th, 2021 - 08:08pm

Cinderella Cinderella! Suturi is the Cinderella of March Madness 2021, an eleventh seed making it all the way to the Division Finals! I found her in front of the Red Dragon Inn for an interview! I had all sorts of excellent questions planned, but Suturi is just as chaotic outside the rings as inside, so join me on this wild ride! Read on to meet Snooster the Seventh, learn about Suturi’s family, and why Ebnor BlackEye (Ebon Ilnaren) should be extra careful of getting licked!

TT: Hiya Cinderella Suturi!


Insert Photo: Suturi gives Tippletoe a horrible toothy grin while her tail absently sweeps over figures drawn in the dirt. Sutri is wearing a long patchwork shirt   . . .

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How You Betting? – Division Finals
by: Conner Reid - April 11th, 2021 - 08:52pm

Alright, mates. It be the Division Finals and we guess we’ll go ahead and pick some winners and iffin you’ve got even a drop of bleeding sense in your head, you’ll go ahead and wager the opposite way we go. Last week we went zero-for-four in our picks which really suggests we should be finding a new profession.

But we already been paid for it, so here be our predictions.

Ilnaren Division Finals

(9) Jay Capistrano vs. (6) Gatito

Capistrano continued his impressive Madness run last week, besting the number four seed Jaycy Ashleana in an absolute barn burner of a fight. The pair were neck-and-neck until round 7 when Capistrano started to pull   . . .

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How You Betting? Madness Round Three
by: Conner Reid - April 5th, 2021 - 08:37pm

Round 2 shaped up to a better result for this here bettor by a mile, but 5 out of 8 correct is not going to get us dug out of our hole. Let’s see iffin we can add some more correct predictions to the bunch as we look at Round 3.

Ilnaren Division

(9) Jay Capistrano vs. (4) Jaycy Ashleana

Now when we be making our picks, we don’t put too much stock in what others might be picking or doing, unless it be affecting the spread or the odds. But it be worth noting that only five of the seventeen 1M pools had Capistrano picked to be arriving here in this situation, and only six had picked Jaycy. While we continue to be weeping into our oaties about the thinne   . . .

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Tip Top Ten Vol 1, Issue 6
by: Tippletoe Timbers - April 4th, 2021 - 08:59pm

Right now people are worried about the dismal state of the brackets, and their out-of-season bets. But y’know what I think about? Style. This isn’t about what you wore to the Governor’s Gala, or at the Tranquility Ballroom during the date auction. This is about your fashion in the ring. Let’s see who wore the best threads in the first two rounds of March Madness 2021.

#10: Hope Naharis
Some people might say that Hope rocks the jogger or jumpsuit look better than anyone else. Add to that her trend-setting statement of wearing anyone else’s Real RhyDin jersey but her own. But what stood out to this gnome is the headwear!

Insert Photo: Close-up of Hope Naharis wearing a pirates hat in Round One ver   . . .

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Tip Top Ten Vol 1, Issue 5
by: Tippletoe Timbers - March 28th, 2021 - 08:57pm

As March Madness 2021 is getting started, I had the opportunity to interview Hellbreaker MadnessMaker Queen of the Rings Lilith Anderson! Together we reviewed Madness 2020, Tailoring Charms, and advice snippets for this year’s participants.

Cover Photo: Tippletoe Timbers sits on a pile of totally-safe-explosives at the High Noon B&B. The Baron of Cadentia, Lilith Anderson, rests comfortably in a swing chair, legs criss-crossed with an icy glass of lemonade sitting on one knee.

Question 1: Madness Expectations
Tippletoe: Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! March Madness is one of my favourite seasons, and I absolutely loved watching you and Ebon during the finale last year. It’s great to catch up as the   . . .

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How You Betting? – Madness Round Two
by: Conner Reid - March 28th, 2021 - 08:54pm

Alright mates, the Line be thrilled with this here writer’s recommendations considering we picked just 4 out of 16 fights correct in the first round. Appreciate your kindness that we not yet been tarred and feathered in the Market Square.

Well we been paid in advance, so here be our picks for the next round of fights.

Ilnaren Division

(1) Salvador Delahada vs. (9) Jay Capistrano

Delahada finally hit a wall last week when he were unseated by Jaycy Ashleana for the Baron of Seaside. But even with that loss, we weren’t surprised to see him carry off a win as one of this here writer’s few correct picks. Salvador got dueling skills and only a fool   . . .

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Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Michelle Montoya 36 36
Mira Burke 31 31
Goldglo 25 25
Hana Sasaki 25 25
Nero Zhir 22 22

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Runt 26 26
BardGallant 23 23
Anubis Karos 16 16
Michelle Montoya 15 15
Conner Reid 14 14

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