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DoS Madness comes from the folks over at RhyDin.org, as does Duel of Swords for that matter. Of course it's pretty likely you already knew that.

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DuelingZone.org is owned and operated by Jake Thrash. Jake's been kind enough to lend a bit of web space to us for the bracket pool.

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The major reason I decided to write the credits page was to give credit to the artist that drew the jester skull. I found it over at Deviant Art and added some color to it. I went back to get the name and discovered that the image was ripped off in the first place. So, turns out I can't tell you who the artist is, other than to tell you it isn't me.


Graphics created or edited with the use of gimp. Everything else is done with vi and a terminal window.
Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Michelle Montoya 36 36
Mira Burke 31 31
Goldglo 25 25
Hana Sasaki 25 25
Nero Zhir 22 22

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Runt 26 26
BardGallant 23 23
Anubis Karos 16 16
Michelle Montoya 15 15
Conner Reid 14 14

The Madness Pool and Betting site, brought to you by RedOrc Brewery. Jake Thrash, Proprietor. Kalamere Ar'Din, Consumer.