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The theory is simple. You pick who you think will win every duel in the tournament, starting with the first round and moving all the way through the final. Each correct pick earns you points and the people with the most points win a perentage of the entry fees.

Entry Fees and How to Pay them

There are two levels of pool entry available. There is a 100 Silver pool and a 1000 Silver pool. Everyone is welcome to join either or both pools, provided you have the coin available to do so. Silver Nobles are the currency given on the RhyDin.org message boards and are really the only things of any value we could think of to use as a fee.

Once you've made your picks and selected how much you want to bet, then you will need to transfer the money over. I can't tell you the best path to accomplish this, but here is the path I found which seems to work.

  • Log into the RhyDin.org Forums
  • Pull up Kalamere's profile.
  • Towards the bottom by "User statistics" you should see a line for Cash on hand. Click on the Donate link.
  • Enter a donation amount equal to the value of the pool you are entering, type me a little note, and hit the Donate button. Quick testing seems to indicate the new forums may not require this, but to be safe I'd still do it. In previous versions, no note meant the system didn't tell me who the donation came from, so it was really just free cash for Kal and you got no credit.

That's all there is to it.


Each pool will receive 1 point per round per correct pick. So, every correct pick in the first round will earn you 1 point. Every correct pick in the 2nd round earns you 2 points, 3 in the 3rd round and so on. Whoever totals the most points in each pool is the winner.

Tie Breaker

There is one tie breaker and the odds are against it's being used for 1st place, but it could come into play for 2nd and 3rd. The tie breaker is correctly picking the tournament winner. If 2 pool entries have the same final tally, but only one got the ultimate winner correct, then that's the one who wins. In all other cases it will simply end with a tie at that position.


The prize will be a cut of the entry fee. Whatever is collected in each of the pools will be divied up and distributed to the top 3 entrants in the given pool.

* 1st Place = 50%
* 2nd Place = 30%
* 3rd Place = 20%

Other Stuff

Due to the way code currently works, I've restricted each character to 1 pool of each type. I don't care if you use your other characters to also enter pools though.
Dueling Environs

Leaders: 1M Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Michelle Montoya 36 36
Mira Burke 31 31
Goldglo 25 25
Hana Sasaki 25 25
Nero Zhir 22 22

Leaders: 1C Noble Pool
NamePts Pos.
Runt 26 26
BardGallant 23 23
Anubis Karos 16 16
Michelle Montoya 15 15
Conner Reid 14 14

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