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IFL 2018 is over! Congrats to Real Rhydin!

Congrats and good luck to new DoS Coord, Olivia.

Registration is open for DoS MADNESS!

Maybe you've checked out the DoS and DoM Practice games. And now? There's one for DoF!

New to dueling? Check out these tips & tricks put together by Harris! New Dueler's Guide!

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Lunar New Year Event: Rush Into Madness!
Duel of Swords is hosting a No Loss event starting Friday, February 16th and ending Monday February 26th after the final duel is called. The Friday festivities will kick off the event by allowing all duelists, no matter their ranks, to fight at the rank of Warlord during their swords duels throughout the night! Take advantage of your chance to gain some ranks before the Madness 2018 Tournament begins!
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Madness 2018 Announced!
Registration of the 2018 DoS Madness tournament is now open! Duelists of any and all levels are encouraged to sign up and test their blades in this annual event. The tournament is tentatively slated to begin on Thursday, March 15th with a single round being fought each week (excepting round 1 which will span 2 weeks) until we can crown a winner. There's a hard limit of 64 entrants, but no previous dueling experience is required. Win prizes or just enjoy the action. Bracket pools will be supplied by The Line once the seedings are set, available to spectators and participants alike.
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Heart shaped gems fall from the sky!
Valentine's day is just around the corner and someone thought it was funny (probably a goblin) to rain down heart shaped elemental fury gems all over the Twilight Isle dueling rings! Oh well, I'm sure we can put them to good use! Also... did someone say Mystery Box prize for top duelist of the night?
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John Cole Ousted from Celestial Tower by Nayun!
John Cole and the 4th longest continuous ArchMage reign came to an end 308 days after it began, when Nayun won two of three matches to take the ArchMage title for herself. Congratulations to Nayun and to John for a lengthy stint on top!
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Bored? Looking for a way to spend some time and hone your dueling skills? New to matrix-based dueling and haven't quite figured it out? Want to practice your skills? Try the DoS Practice (Looking for a Netscape or Mozilla compatible version? Look in Games).

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