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Maybe you've checked out the DoS and DoM Practice games. And now? There's one for DoF!

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2 Nights, 2 Titles for Eden Parker!
One night after wresting PathFinder away from Hope, Eden takes the Dragon's Gate Barony from Claire, who'd held the title for nearly 20 months!
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Dizzy Flores Defends IceDancer!
Perhaps wanting extra coin or a backrub (you never can tell), Andrea "Apple" Anderson challenged Dizzy Flores for the blue opal but the incumbent defended IceDancer in two straight duels!
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One & Done Opal Challenge Night: Eden Victorious!
In the open challenge night for PathFinder, Eden was the first and last dueler to step into the ring against Hope. Winning two of two duels, Eden brought the night to an end and becomes the newest holder of the green opal!
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Spring Talon of Redwin and Warlord Tournaments Announced!
The next two weekends should prove to be full of stabbing and prizes and all duelists are encouraged to sign up for one tournament or the other. On Sunday, May 13th, the Arena will host the Spring Talon tournament, open to all duelists under the rank of Warlord. The following Sunday, May 20th, the Warlord Tournament will take place. Among prizes on the line; the Lost Memento, a test free Overlord challenge grant, and the Old Temple baronial ring! Head to the Arena cork to sign up today!
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Bored? Looking for a way to spend some time and hone your dueling skills? New to matrix-based dueling and haven't quite figured it out? Want to practice your skills? Try the DoS Practice (Looking for a Netscape or Mozilla compatible version? Look in Games).

Check out other Dueling Games at Dueling Zone Games!

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