RoH Upcoming Events
Hosted Play: Sibyl (Tue, 31 Jan 09:00pm)
Hosted Play: Ettyn (Wed, 01 Feb 08:00pm)
Hosted Play: Anya (Thu, 02 Feb 09:00pm)
Hosted Play: Tenball - RDI (Sat, 04 Feb 08:00pm)
Hosted Shift: Lydia (Sun, 05 Feb 09:00pm)
See calendar for details

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It's down to Real RhyDin vs. Deathcake for the 2022 Final! IFL 2022 is almost over!

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New to dueling? Check out these tips & tricks put together by Harris! New Dueler's Guide!

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Dueling Zone Games

Bored? Looking for a way to spend some time and hone your dueling skills? New to matrix-based dueling and haven't quite figured it out? Want to practice your skills? Try the DoS Practice (Looking for a Netscape or Mozilla compatible version? Look in Games).

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